Tanam Farsooda jaa para (With English Translation)

Tanam Farsooda jaa para Ze Hijra, Ya Rasulallah 
Dillam Paz Murda Aawara Ze Isyaa, Ya Rasulallah !

O Allah’s Messenger! My body has weakened and my soul has shattered due to separation!
O Allah’s Messenger! Due to my sins, my heart is numb and straying towards destruction!

Choon Soo’e Mun Guzar Aari Manne Miskeen Zanaa Daari
Fida-E-Naqsh-E-Nalainat Kunam Ja, Ya Rasulallah!

Were you to pass by me, the impoverished one, the hapless!
O Allah’s Messenger! I would sacrifice my life upon the print of your blessed sandals!

Ze Jaame Hubb To Mustam Ba Zanjeere To Dil Bustam
Nu’mi Goyam Ke Mun Bustum Sukun Daa, Ya Rasulallah!

I am entranced by the drink of your love, my heart is chained to you!
But, O Allah’s Messenger! I do not claim that I hold mastery to truly praise you!

Ze Kharda Khaish Hairaanam Siyaa Shud Roze Isyaanam
Pashemaanam, Pashemaanam, Pashemaanam, Ya Rasulallah !

My misdeeds have left me dazed, and due to my sins the days have darkened!
I am regretful, I am remorseful, O Allah’s Messenger! I am ashamed!

Choon Baazoo’e Shafaa’at Raa Khushaa’I Bar Gunaagara
Makun Mahruume Jaami Raa Daraa Aan, Ya Rasulallah !

When you extend your hands and spread them upon the sinners, for intercession!
O Allah’s Messenger! Do not deprive “Jaami” of it, on the day of Resurrection!

Allah’s Infinite blessings and peace be upon the Holy Prophet Mohammed, his noble wives, his progeny, his companions and all those who rightly follow him until the Last Day.

English Translation by Janaab Aqib Al Qadri Sahab


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Anonymous said...

such is the dedication all require, not only Muslims. Let us show such faith in our beloved.

Anonymous said...

Subhaan allah

Anonymous said...

SubhanAllah.....truly beautiful and sanctifying meaning. ..MashAllah

afjal pathan said...

MashaAllah..words from the heart...

ahsan khan said...

masha allah its really very heart touching if u understand the meaning of every single word...May Allah grand us the love of Huzoor sallallahualaihi wasallam

Muhammad Abul Barkath Ali Quadri Official. said...

سبحان الله العظيم

Muhammad Abul Barkath Ali Quadri Official. said...

سبحان الله العظيم

kash said...

SubhanAllah SubhanAllah.

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Unknown said...

Subhan Allah Subhan Allah

Unknown said...

Heart touching.i loved it

amman ahmad said...

subhan allah subhan allah

Anonymous said...

Subhaan Allaah

Unknown said...

Heart touching Naat from Allama Jami Rahmatullahi Alaih. If you will realize it. You will weep in the love of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alihi Wasallam

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