Ya Sayyidi Irhamlana

Ya Sayyidi Irhamlana Ya Syedi Irhamlana 
Ya Syayidi Irhamlana Ya Syedi Irhamlana

O Master, be merciful towards us, O Master, be merciful towards us
O Master, be merciful towards us, O Master, be merciful towards us

Innil Tiya ree Hassaba Youmun Ilaa Ardil Haram 
Balligh Salaami Roudatun Feehannabiyul Mohtaram

O Winds! If someday you pass by the sacred land,
Do give my greetings (salaam) at the Blessed Grave where the most exalted Prophet rests

Maw Wajhohu Shams-ud-Duha Mun Khaddohu Badr-ud-Duja 
Maw Zaatohu Noor-ul-Huda Mun Kaffohu Bahr-ul-Hemam

He whose blessed face is the midday sun, his blessed cheeks are the full moon,
He whose self is the light of guidance and whose generosity is an ocean

Qur’anohu Burhanona Faskhalle-Adyaanim Madat 
Iz Jaa ‘Anaa Ahkaamohu Kullusohofay Saar Al ‘Adam

The Qur'an is our source proving other religions are abrogated,
When its guidelines came to us, the other books became non-existent

Akbadona Majruhatumin Saifey Hijril Mustafa 
Tooba Le-Ahle Baldatin Fee-hun-Nabiyul Mohtasham

The sadness of separation [from Madinah] feels like a sword deep into my liver,
How fortunate are the people of that city in which the Exalted & Beloved Prophet resides

Ya Rehmatallil A'alameen Anta Shafiul Muznebeen
Akrim Lana Youmal Hazeen Fadlaw Wa Judaw Wal Karam

O Mercy for the worlds! You are the intercessor for the sinners,
Shower your blessings upon us on the Day of Grief

Ya Rehmatallil A'alameen Adrik Li Zainil A'abeedeen
Mahboosi Aydiz Zalimeen Fil Mawkabee Wal Muzdaham

O Mercy for the worlds! Assist Zaynul Abideen,
Who stands alone and in difficulty amongst the tyrants.


Dr.Mansoor Hussain said...

Excellent...I cudnt find the translation of this Kalaam of Imam Zainulabideen(radi allahu anhu) anywhere else....

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much couldnt find it anywhere.......amazing

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Mashah Allah. Thanks for translating.

Unknown said...

Mashah Allah.. Thanks for translating.

Unknown said...

Ya Zuynul abideen almadad Radi Allaahu taila anhu. Mere sarkar Zaynul abideen Radi Allaahu Anhu . Badsha shahensha Zaynul abideen Radi Allaahu Anhu.

Unknown said...

Many many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thx couldn't find it

Unknown said...

Pure perfection here

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where can I get the translation in URDU

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for these lyrics for 10 years or so thank u sooooo much.u dont no how happy uv made me...mat allah subhana wa tala bless you each time someone uses or read's this amen

Ahmad said...

Ma sha Allah very beautiful kalam :p

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Sam kh said...

Subhanallah, very beautiful kalam, very touching

Unknown said...

Allah Allah

Jazakallah Khair For Sharing Translation..

Unknown said...

Jazakallah Khair app lyrics Sare kare TQ so much

Mubarak said...

Ya syedi ...
Ya rasoolallah.....
Khudbiyadhi qallath heelathi adriqni
Ya rasoolallah

Unknown said...

Dear brother
Can anyone tell me who has written this beautiful naat.

Anonymous said...

Waalaikum assalam
This naat was written by aale rasool aulade imam Hussain RAZIALLAHA TALLAHA ANHU. SAYED IMAM ZAYNUL ABIDEEN RAZIALLAHA TALLAH ANHU.. IN KARBALA OR AFTER KARBALA. To ask a help from his nana sallalho ALAHI WASSALAM.

Unknown said...

Hazrat Zainil Aabideen

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for giving this lyrics

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